Dataton Watchout Single License



Multi-display software for professionals

WATCHOUT multi-display software is your fast track to creating spectacular shows. Use WATCHOUT to compose and manage all the different media elements in your show – video, still images, animations, graphics, live feeds, sound – and then play it back on multiple displays. Perfectly synchronized, high resolution and right-on-cue.

WATCHOUT is easily integrated and controls external units or devices. It has no limitations on displays, channels or resolutions. With over 15 years of unrivalled performance and reliability, WATCHOUT is the choice of professional show creators worldwide.

WATCHOUT is used in live events, 3D mapping, broadcast, digital signage, museums, planetariums, show rooms, visitor attractions and experience centers.

In other words – virtually any market or application where you want multiple display devices and maximum impact.

Key features

Uncompressed playback

We understand that image quality is all-important. WATCHOUT supports playback of uncompressed video or images at full resolution and framerate!

Unlimited Display Devices

There are no limits on the number of display devices you can add to your WATCHOUT show. That means no limits on your creativity!


With WATCHOUT you can create any kind of resolution in any kind of aspect ratio. If you want to move beyond 4K, 8K or 16K – no problem.

Virtual Displays

The virtual display feature is a flexible way to map pixels on 3D geometry or your LED walls through a wall processor. It can contain any kind of media, such as video, stills, tweens and dynamic content.

Unlimited timelines

WATCHOUT is a user-friendly, timeline-based show creation tool. Drag and drop media onto an infinite number of timelines, auxiliary timelines or layers.

3D Mapping / Facade projection

With WATCHOUT you can create projection mapping shows on any shape, structure or building. Import your 3D model and use the 3D projection feature to visualize your show!

Capture content

With WATCHOUT you can capture multiple content streams through low latency capture cards, USB cards, network streams, VNC or live IP workflow using NDI® (Network Device Interface).

NDI / Live IP production workflow

WATCHOUT supports NDI® which allows multiple video streams on a shared connection, enabling high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video over local area networks and reducing costs plus deployment time.

WATCHOUT is used in a wide range of markets and applications – from the smallest gig to complex installations with interactivity and record-breaking resolutions.

Youll find WATCHOUT in broadcast, corporate events, touring artists, museums, houses of worship, architectural projection mapping and in theatres, musicals and operas.

The image to the left is taken from the BMW Group event „The next 100 years” featuring a 149-projector WATCHOUT show. It not only earned a Guinness World Record for „Highest Resolution Projected Image” but was also the world’s largest media kinetic sphere sculpture and lightest projection.

WATCHOUT system overview

WATCHOUT minimum system configuration

An operational WATCHOUT system always requires at least two licenses: one for the production computer and one for the media server. Dataton´s media servers WATCHPAX and WATCHMAX series has a built in license.

You can download and use the WATCHOUT production software for free on its own for practice*, but you won’t be able to appreciate the full power of WATCHOUT until you start connecting media servers or display computers.

The basic system consists of:

The production computer, equipped with a license key and running WATCHOUT production software

Network, connecting the two computers together via a hub or switch

The media server, equipped with a license key and running WATCHOUT display software

Display device, for example, a monitor or a projector.

* The production software can be used on its own without a license key, but you always need a license key to use the display software.

WATCHOUT is a Microsoft WINDOWS based system. – link

Tracking and RTTrPM – and BlackTrax as example (NEW!)

Video over IP in WATCHOUT using NDI

Improved sound performance with ASIO and WASAPI

Camera-based projection auto-alignment in WATCHOUT

3D projection mapping

Unlimited scalability

Production computer

Media server (display computer)

Display devices

Alternative display outputs

Supported media: images, sound and video

Capture cards and live feeds

External control: TCP/IP, MIDI, Art-Net (DMX-512) and timecode


Edge blending and geometry correction

Uncompressed video/image sequence playback

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