D16 Decimort



OverviewElectronic music producers (especially in Hip-Hop) have always been aware that classic samplers (such as early Akai and EMU units) had a character and sound of their own. They added a „grit” and „colour” to the samples and loops they played back which made them sound „Fat” and sit well in a mix. This sound colouration was due to the encoding techniques, lower sample rates, lower bit rate and conversion circuits which these early samplers used. Decimort recreates this colouration and adds the vintage sampler magic to any loop, bass line or sound played through it. It also acts as the perfect bit crusher with filter.Low quality sometimes is desiredThe Decimort effect unit is from the SilverLine collection of plugins. It is a premium grade bit crusher. The complex and advanced signal processing algorithms within Decimort simulate the behaviour of the whole sampling path which exists in every AD/DA converter. Decimort has no internal aliasing. The only aliasing effect present in the system is the modelled aliasing of the classic samplers we modelled when creating it. Undesired artefacts are not present in the processed signal. Only wanted artefacts remain. A further very steep low-pass filter, synchronised to the signal frequency, can be applied at the end of the signal path to absolutely ensure that no unwanted out-of-band signals remain.Two in oneDecimort is also equipped with analog like filters with adjustable resonance that allow further sculpting of the signal. These can be used to smooth the sound or remove more of the sonic artefacts introduced into the signal path by the modelling process.Totally independentDecimort can process the right and left channels of a stereo signal completely independently. This allows all path parameters to be set differently for each channel. This can be used, for example, to create the impression of a wider stereo stage. Alternatively, both channels can be linked to set path parameters to the same value for both right and left channels.Decimation algorithms comparisionD16s ADC emulation algorithm allows to remove all unwanted harmonics, leaving only desired artefacts (images and aliasing, that usually appear during sampling process in classic AD/DA converters).Sine 914Hz, decimation about 3.6kHz.Working in higher sampling frequenciesWorking with higher sampling frequencies in DAW, Decimort doesnt produce harmonics above 22kHz (max nyquist value for resampler).Sampling frequency 192kHz, sine 858Hz, decimation about 3.6kHz.It is possible to use Decimort in a CD mastering process if theres necessity of downsampling final mix to 44kHz.Drum loop resampled (192kHz to 44kHz). Sound examplesVideoPromo material about DecimortAwardsReviewsPro|tone, 01/2011» All our testing can be summed up quickly: the SilverLine series is outstanding and unique in sound quality. – you might have realized this by our kind of passionate writing as well. […] your production will get a lot more precious character with these – in fact, that’s all SilverLine is about: giving a special touch to the sound, not being just another standard plugin series. « GUIDECIMORTFull Featuresultra accurate resampling algorithm (ADC emulation, no harmonics above 22kHz)anti-alias lowpass filter conjugated with resampleranalog-like filters with adjustable resonance and cutofftwo independent process paths in stereo mode with different parameters per each channelpresets organised into groupsmidi learn function64bit internal processingno harmonic distortions at output (unwanted)System requirementsPCOS:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7CPU:1.8 Ghz with SSE (Multicore system 2.1 Ghz recommended)RAM:512 MB (1 GB recommended)Software:VST host (32bit or 64bit)MacOS:10.6.x or 10.7.xCPU:Intel based 1.8 Ghz (2.1 Ghz recommended)RAM:512 MB (1 GB recommended)Software:AU or VST host (32bit or 64bit)Its not a standalone program so you need a host application to use it.

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