AVG BreachGuard Take control of your online privacy by protecting your personal info against data breaches and keeping it from falling into the wrong hands.

BreachGuard offers three layers of privacy protection:

  • 24/7 privacy risk monitoring – Monitor the web non-stop for your leaked personal info.
  • Online personal info removal – Stop your info from being collected and exploited by third parties.
  • Privacy-boosting tips – Get advice on how to make the information on your online accounts more private.

Remove your personal info from the internet

  • Data brokers collect info about you based on your online activity, including your finances, health, and even address.
  • They sell this info to third parties. Insurance companies may use it to raise your rates, banks may refuse you a loan, and more.
  • BreachGuard removes your info from data broker databases so it can’t be sold to these third parties.

Protect your personal info with BreachGuard

  • Monitor the dark web non-stop for your leaked personal info and passwords
  • Stay informed about new data breaches to protect your data before it is too late
  • Scan your passwords to see if your personal info is at risk and get advise how to make them stronger

Managing your privacy is hard. BreachGuard makes it easy

Quickly assess how private your online accounts are and get advice on how to improve it.

  • Get control of your online account’s privacy
  • Check how much of your personal information can be seen publicly on social networks
  • Find out how much information you share with big tech companies
  • Learn how to set up your privacy settings in your major accounts to not share more info than necessary

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