Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023 Win Pl (65325508AD01A00)



Create wonderful works of art based on photos, edit your pictures to get rid of any imperfections and undesired elements, and enhance the beauty captured by a camera. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023 offers dozens of features that will allow you to edit photos however you want. And it’s a one-time purchase. Once you buy it, you’re free to use it!


Moving pictures. You can add movement to the photos! Just pick the direction and the speed and you can create something truly unique, like a still photo and a moving waterfall, or a flag waving in a wind. You can then post your creation on social media in MP4 or GIF format.

Depth. Create depth in your pictures with various transparency overlays of leaves, flowers or branches. With an added blur, you can create a sense of dimension that will be absolutely stunning.

Brand new templates. Create colorful collages with new backgrounds and patterns, and use the new assisted editing feature to prepare captivating and visually distinguished presentations.

Quick and intuitive search engine. If you’re feeling a bit lost or just want to find a specific function, you can use the program’s search engine and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Better optimization and efficiency. Thanks to the many engine improvements made to Photoshop Elements, the program now runs faster and smoother, with a 35% faster installation time and a 45% smaller file size! It’s especially apparent if you’re using Apple A1 Mac computers as the app will launch 70% faster and have even better performance!

Key features

  • An option to add motion in pictures
  • Many different templates and effects
  • Assisted editing feature
  • Helpful and easy-to-use search engine
  • Great optimization and efficiency

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